Hollymatic Defender 16-4000

Defender 16-4000

Designed with patented state of the art and innovative technology, the Defender provides features and benefits not available on other meat saws.

The Exclusive Visual Glove Detection System utilizes a camera to detect special colored gloves worn by the operator. Upon detection in a predetermined zone the system activates a processing and braking mechanism to stop the blade in less than .04 seconds, thus greatly reducing unintended or inadvertent contact with the blade.

Additional Product Images

Hollymatic Defender 16-4000 color detection gloves

Hollymatic Defender 16-4000 visual glove detection system

Hollymatic Defender 16-4000 custom controller

General Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Dynamic brake stops in .05 seconds
  • Tungsten carbide blade guide backups
  • Cutting clearance of 16″ high x 15″ wide

Safety Features

  • Camera stops blade in .05 seconds
  • Removable upper and lower wheels