Hi-Yield 14 Meat Saw

Hi-Yield 14 Saw

The Hollymatic Hi•Yield 14 has features that separate it from other conventional saws.

Additional Product Images

Hi-Yield 14 Saw stainless steel upper wheel

Hi-Yield 14 Saw safety interlocked doors

Hi-Yield 14 Saw blade tension adjustment knob

Hi-Yield 14 Saw stainless steel table roller and linear beaings

General Features

  • Swing open construction allows for easy cleaning and blade changing.
  • Peaked upper housing to prevent water retention.
  • Easily removed upper wheel speeds cleanup.
  • Stainless Steel upper and lower wheels.
  • Double flanged wheels for blade retention and tracking.
  • One-piece frame design improves sanitation and provides rigidity for added strength.
  • Space saving compact footprint.

Safety Features

  • Safety interlocked doors.
  • Double Flanged wheels.
  • Minimized blade coasting.


  • Portion control meat gauge.