Processors & Marinators

Built to Last! Hollymatic continues the tradition with our latest profit enhancing food processing equipment.

Hydraulic Stuffers

This machine is available in three capacities – 28, 55, and 88 pounds – and is made completely in stainless steel. The footprint of the machine is one of the smallest available, which makes it ideal for the majority of meat markets and processing plants.

These stuffers are provided with features that set it apart from others and ensure its success in the market place.


HVT-30 Vacuum Tumbler

Vacuum tumbling is the best way to marinate products because it creates higher profits and better products for your customers in a short period of time. The HVT-30’s tumbling process increases yield, tenderizes product, reduces cooking time and evenly distributes the flavor.


Tender Rite Tenderizer

Hygienically superior design with all stainless steel housing and inlet. Stronger tenderizing blade assemblies are built for long life.